2019-20 Memberships Now Open

The Southern Athletic Club membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

Member Benefits

  • Free early bird entry to the 2020 Great Southern Running Festival
  • Personal accident insurance*
  • Eligibility for Southern Athletic Club end of season awards
  • Invitations to club social events
  • Voting rights
  • $20 discount on any 60 minute treatment at Muscle Pain Solutions
  • Discounted first consultation at Physio Alive

* Personal accident insurance is not available to members born on or after 1 January 2008 due to age restrictions with Athletics SA memberships.

In additional to the benefits above, Premium Road & Trail Running Members are eligible for ad hoc race discounts as they become available through the year (e.g. Salisbury Half Marathon & City-Bay) and will receive a free pair of our awesome new Sharks branded running socks.

The Junior Premium Membership ($100 or if you use your Sports Voucher to join) includes 2 months Development Academy coaching fees.

Annual Membership Fees

Standard Club Membership
(born on or before 31 December 2007)
Junior Membership (Training Only)
(born on or after 1 January 2008)
Premium Junior Membership
(born on or after 1 January 2002)
Premium Road & Trail Runner $120

Please note that Athletics SA have a new online membership system so everyone will need to register as a new member this year, rather than renew.

Sports Vouchers for all Primary School Aged Athletes

The Sports Vouchers program is an initiative from the Government of South Australia that provides an opportunity for primary school aged children (born 2006 to 2014) to receive a $100 discount on sports club membership/registration fees. The purpose is to increase the number of children playing organised sport by reducing cost as a barrier to participate.

To claim the $100 discount for your child’s Southern Athletic Club membership fee you should register under the “Junior Athlete with Sports Voucher” option then download a sports voucher, fill in your details and hand it back to Trish or Matt.

Please note that only one voucher can be used per child each calendar year.

For full details and to download a voucher visit

Athletics SA Memberships

Athletics SA memberships offer good value for athletes who will be competing regularly at ASA track & field meets through the summer.

Costs shown below include a standard Southern Athletic Club membership fee.

ASA Under 14 Membership* $155 Benefits as per Platinum membership.
ASA First Year Membership** $155 Benefits as per Platinum membership.
ASA Traditional Membership $160 Eligible for state team selection.

$15 per day of competition at ASA track & field events.***

$15 per event (max. $30) for state track & field championships.

ASA Platinum Membership $280 Eligible for state team selection.

Free entry to ASA track & field events & state track & field championships.***

* Only applicable to athletes born in 2006 or 2007

** Only applicable to athletes that haven’t been registered as a member with Athletics SA in the past 5 years

*** Excludes SA All Schools Games

Speak to any of our committee members, your coach or email if you have any questions or are not sure which membership option is best for you.